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1. Initial Client Meeting:

Meet the client and conduct an initial inspection of the property; photographs are taken to verify the items for potential salvage/deconstruction; options are discussed.

2. A Formal Proposal is Prepared and Submitted to the Client:

The proposal includes potential Fair Market Values for Charitable Donation based upon the deconstruction options available to the client; appraisal fees are stated.

3. Acceptance of the Proposal:

The Appraisal Contract is signed and a retainer is taken.

4. Preparation of the Certified Appraisal:

A client-approved inventory of materials removed from the property is received; the research and valuation phase of the appraisal process begins.

5. Conclusion and Delivery:

Once Fair Market Values are determined for all items, a bound, certified USPAP-compliant appraisal is prepared; the document includes photographs and all necessary IRS documentation; an original appraisal and a second copy for filing purposes are delivered to the client.